05 mars 2010

How i'm learning to be patient....

After the "Frey" trekking, we really wanted more! Super excited about the idea of the hike on the volcano in chile, as soon as we are back from Frey, we hop on a bus in the direction of San Martin de Los Andes (4 hours, dusty road and very dusty bus), from which we are planning to take the bus (7 more hours) to Chile the next day. No luck, this same night, the walls of our hostels are shaking from the earthquake (all the way from there!!!) there will be no Chile this time... But we areflexible. San Martin is very pretty town (so neat, which for sure looks more than ever like switzerland !!) but we decide to rent a car and drive down (and so ...back) the very famous road of the 7 lakes. Extremely beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes (the pictures to come / I was the appointed driver as i was the only one who could drive a stick - rings a bell to anyone...?). But after a day in the car we are restless, we need our daily 5 hour hike, and i'm getting stressed over the uncertainty of the following days. We finally hear of a good hike to do the next day, 2 hours away from there (ahhh argentine distances...). On top of the mountain, luck strikes again, we meet a sports' teacher from Bariloche to whom we proudly announce that we have been Frey. Reaction: and have you done Otto Meiling in the same area? Us, now more disappointed than proud at this point: euuuh no.... "you'd love it, refuge next to a glacier you have to do it". By the time we are back down (after having litterally sprinting down the sandy mountain for it is so hot we can't stand it!) we have a new plan: we will not go back to San Martin but instead will return the car a day early in Bariloche and walk on the glacier !! 

I'm really starting to think that in life everything happens for a reason, you just have to wait and see... Am I on the tracks to becoming wiser?

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