10 juin 2010

Ar-gen-tina! Ar-gen-tina!

All around South America, countries are celebrating their independence. The 25th of May, Argentina celebrated its 200 years of age. I don't remember much of the french bi-century celebrations because I was a little young at the time but here they sure did it the real way! 4 days of non-working, only celebrating la Patria. People came from all over the country to be here and BA was more colorful than ever. In all terms. We celebrated Argentina, reliving moments of its past, rediscovering its cultures, hoping for the future.. I was truly moved. Ar-gen-tina! Ar-gen-tina! I wonder what would happen in France if we shouted Vive la France for 4 days in the streets of Paris... In any case, it's a good pre-game for the coming up Wolrd Cup hysteria. I guess we're going to have a lot of that, I can't wait!


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