26 mars 2010


The portenos (people from Buenos Aires) have the reputation of being arrogant, show-off, proud of their culture and their looks, and convinced that they are the best people in South America, including the rest of Argentina. They never get tired talking about how great there culture is...you will never have heard enough about the tango, the mate, the asado, and the italian abuela. I guess as a foreigner in the city for only a few months, willing to learn all about the place, it's entertaining and can also be touching.

However they are also known for taking advantage of people. It is described as being "vivo". And the foreigners are in the front line. Not only do the Argentines set different prices for tourists then for locals (hotels, plane tickets, museums) -which I guess could somehow be understood as they are stuggling to survive here as wealthy tourist use their country as the cheap holiday option - they also sometimes don't put prices at all leaving little doubt about how they make the bill according to what you look like and how well you speak spanish. For people actually living there, it is a little upsetting. You learn to double check your bill every time you go to the restaurant, and most of the time you find that you have been charged for a dish you didn't order... 

"No te hagas el vivo!" (don't try taking advantage of me) is both a joke and a very serious thing and you hear it all around! I should really remember that next week when I talk to that woman in the circus or I'll end up having to pay to help them....

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  • N'oublies pas que beaucoup sont originaires d'Italie. On dit que c'est un sport national, juste après le foot

    Posté par Emilie, 19 avril 2010 à 05:15 | | Répondre
  • coucou

    Coucou mathildouchka (ou bien mathildalatina)!!

    How are you? Comment ça se passe en Argentina?
    Bien, j'espère!!! En tout cas, tu me manques beaucoup et j'espère que tu seras à Aix cet été, comme ça, j'aurais une chance de te voir!!!!

    Posté par esther, 26 avril 2010 à 04:18 | | Répondre
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