26 mars 2010

Disculpa por la demora

La demora... nothing to do with "dementia" although I guess it could be related... "disculpa por la demora" literally translating into "sorry for the delay" seems to be the imperative sentence here. It's part of the culture, and it could explain why the economy is so slow. In Argentina people are definitely not in a hurry.

If you go to a restaurant the waiter will take half an hour to take your order, another half an hour to tell you there is no more of what you asked for, and so on and so forth bringing the dish and the "cuenta", it's little to say you yourself should not be in hurry either.

I have been in touch with a woman in a circus for a month and a half and we are only about to come to an agreement that I "might" be working for them. Should I mention the fact that I am changing my plans to accomodate them and that I will probably not get paid a centavo (penny)? Yet I am the one having to harass them to get responses. After about 10 emails from my part, showing up when they is no one to receive me, several phone calls, and having to resend my phone number many times, I finally found myself promised of a phone call at the beginning of next week... Fortunately the project seems to be interested enough: it is a social circus, supported by the Cirque Du Soleil, which gives classes to youngsters from Buenos Aires' favelas, even though I am a little bit concerned about the reliability of the people I might end up working with. But I guess this is also part of the experience. Hopefully I will be able to tell you more about it sometime next week. Let's not get our hopes up but I'm positive. "Ojala!" Another very important expression here meaning "Let's hope" (+ subjunctive!). That's encouraging...

I know I haven't been writing on this blog in a long time...disculpa por la demora...

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  • Donc le nouvel épisode pourrait être "Mathilde fait son cirque en Argentine ?" Quand tu parles de travailler avec eux,ce searit pour faire quoi ?

    Ici, le cirque ça continue malgré un chapiteau qui menace de s'écrouler (mais il va être réparé) donc en ce moment pas trop d'aériens, mais comme je suis épuisée par cet hiver interminable, ça me dérange moins que ça n'aurait pu.

    Plein de bises bien fraîches et attendant de tes nouvelles toujoirs avec le plus grand bonheur !

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